Technology Crosses the Political Divide

Recent studies show that certain brands appeal more to those with certain political leanings. It is even possible to break down preferred brands based on one’s political ideology. Certain brands have crossover appeal to both parties. 

Technology companies are something that tend to cut across the political divide. Take Apple for example. The mega-company has to be appealing to both parties or else it would not have made it as far as it already has. 

A lot of this information has come from the neuro-insight company known as Buyology. They study the human brain and how it reacts to varied brands. There are plenty of things that are measurable in this realm. It is possible to figure out what any demographic likes and dislikes. Using this on political demographics was bound to happen. 

One might ponder what value this information might have to anyone. The answer is that companies that wish to market to a demographic can use this information. They can micro-target the type of customers that they want to reach out to. If a company seeks to market to a political group, they will want to study the brands that are already popular with that group. 

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It is interesting that some companies claim that they are not interested in using political affiliation as something that they market to. That is such a huge benefit to them to use this information that they would be crazy not to. The fact may be that the companies simply do not want to admit that they are using this information to save face. 

Even though certain brands such as Allstate or Starbucks break down quite easily into the preferred parties of their customers, as mentioned already other brands are not so easy to identify. Google is another company that appeals to both Republicans and Democrats. They are the leading search engine and that is not very likely to change anytime soon. It is not as though one party uses this platform while the other is doing their searches on Bing. 

Political candidates of the future may in fact look at the technology companies that appeal to all voters. They could mimic their characteristics to try to attract voters from all political stripes. On the other hand, sometimes candidates care only about turning out enough of their own base to get the win. They could focus in just on the brands that already appeal to their base of voters for hints on how to behave. Regardless, this is all a very interesting look at the way in which a technology company is providing insight into our behaviors.

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