Learn About Different Types of Custom Awards

When it comes to creating fresh custom awards, you should consider a number of factors. The first thing to know is the type of custom award you would like to make for your recipients. Some items could be simple with just text and image to pass. Others may be more complex with finer details included. Whichever route you take, you need to factor it the budget, quantity, delivery period, and dimensions of the item.

The type of custom award you choose will determine the delivery period and cost of the item.  Here are different types of custom awards that you should know:

Custom sculpture awards

This type of custom award is classic and can be done in different styles, sizes, and finishes.  Sculpture custom awards are products of bronze or pewter metals and they are a bit more expensive that other custom award items. They require more time to produce, due to the casting process. If you choose to make sculpture awards, you should notify a reliable provider earlier enough to avoid delay in delivery.

Custom fabricated

Custom fabricated awards are created by hand, piece by piece. They can come from a variety of materials including wood, plastic, glass, or metal. This type of custom award can serve various purposes. Custom fabricated awards have shorter lead-time because they do not involve casting or molding. They can be made from various materials such as glass, plastic, or metal.

Custom medallions

In addition to sculpture or fabricated custom awards, you can choose custom medallions to serve a similar purpose. You can find the medallions in custom shapes and sizes. They are usually available in 3D images or texts according to the specifications of the customer. Once completed, you can display custom medallions on cars, ribbons, or plaques.

Custom crystal awards

This is the most affordable type of custom awards, with the shortest delivery time. The items take different unique shapes with customized engraving. Producers apply the engraving in two different ways: It can be a 2D image on both sides of the surface, or a 3D image inside the crystal block. The 3D image brings a unique perspective from any viewing angle.

Custom plaques

Custom plaques are available in different dimensions, shapes, colors, and materials. They can blend well with other types of custom award items such as medallions or display bases.

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