Is Majoring in Entrepreneurship a Good Idea?

If you’re interested in starting your own company or business one day, you have probably considered getting a degree in business or entrepreneurship. You’ve also probably heard that on-the-job training might be more worth your time considering the amount one can learn by doing and the fact that college tuition and student debt are both at all-time highs. Despite those very real factors, unless you have the next Facebook locked and loaded, you should really consider getting that degree. There are several benefits you may not have considered.

You’ll Broaden Your Skill Set

What’s included in your particular area of study will no doubt be things you wouldn’t be able to learn on the job. Even if you already have a strong idea of exactly what kind of business you want to start, it’ll be beneficial to have an idea of other areas of interest you could one day pursue. It’ll also help you identify things you aren’t good at. Knowing your weaknesses is just as important as knowing your strengths when you plan to one day work for yourself. If you attend college, you’ll automatically be exposed to new ideas and other subjects just by being there.

You’ll Crawl before You Walk

Any entrepreneurship program worth its salt will have you engaging in a lot of active learning. This means you’ll be forced to do practice projects that will give you something very close to on-the-job training but will come without actual financial risk and responsibility. You’ll be able to make early errors without them costing you or anyone else significant sums of money and time. Also, this way you can get a good idea of the types of people and groups that you do well in and those you want to recreate when you start your own company.

College is Great for Your Future Network

Since we’re talking about people, you and your fellow students will form lifelong bonds that could possibly result in productive relationships in the future. College is one of the best places to network because you’re probably actual friends, and organic relationships tend to last longer and be more mutually profitable. Networks are an incredibly important part of any business career, and the best ones get started early. Going to school will give you immediate access to a pool of potential partners, employees and investors that have already been somewhat vetted by their entry into the university.

Not Every Degree is the Same, Though

All of this aside, you can get a bad entrepreneurship degree, and that would definitely be worse for you than just trying to get work experience. While an entrepreneurship major can prove profitable for the above reasons, it’s important to remember that the field is ever-changing (especially in the last 15 years). A course of study that’s behind in current business trends is going to do you more harm than good. The last thing you want is to graduate from school more in debt, but actually less qualified to get a job than you wanted to be. Whether you’re planning on getting a degree from Northeastern University Online or Sarah Lawrence College, you’ll want to use it for something. Make sure it’ll be worth your time.


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