How to motivate each other to stay healthy at work


Trying to stay healthy at work can be problematic. You’re probably too busy to think about eating well or exercising in the workplace, but there are many benefits in doing so. It can keep you more alert at work, reduce your blood pressure and keep stress and depression at bay. Your workplace doesn’t have to be an unhealthy place to be – and by motivating each other to stay on track, you and your colleagues can achieve a healthier lifestyle while at work. These are some small, easy to implement tips to motivate each other and to stay healthy at work – try one or as many as you think you can!

#1 Change your outlook

Stop saying you’re too busy, too tired, or there’s not enough time to get healthy snacks or do a few stretches in your lunch break. By changing your attitude, you can have a more positive outlook and this ‘can-do’ attitude will rub off on those around you.

#2 Remind yourselves

Put up a poster by your PC monitor reminding you of what you need to do. Things like ‘eat an apple!’ or ‘Get some fresh air!’ are easy and achievable and if you each have this poster up on your desks, you’ll remind each other to follow the rules, too. Try and be specific with your aims (e.g. eat an apple a day, or go for a walk at 12pm) and try and come up with them together so that you are all on the same course!

#3 Get your boss involved

A healthy staff base means a happy boss. Try and get your boss to join in the action. Perhaps suggest getting him to ditch the ‘Pizza Fridays’ in favour of a weekly fruit basket, which will not only encourage staff to eat more fruit but will serve as a great way for the workforce to stay productive and boost morale. Fruitful Office, (an office fruit delivery company in case you hadn’t guessed) say that 81% of staff from a recent survey felt  having fresh fruit available at their desk had “improved their quality of life at work” in a survey they conducted on their customer base.

#4 Do free stuff

You’re more likely to do something if it’s free, and people are less likely to opt out if they don’t have to pay any money. Think up after-work walks, or how about doing something for your local community, like a marathon or late-night long walk.

#5 Encourage each other

It may sound obvious, but look out for your colleagues that are doing well, and give them motivation through encouragement. By giving someone a small word of positivity, it can really make their day and give them reason to continue. It is so easy to sit in front of your PC all day at your desk, eating unhealthy and ‘quick grab’ snacks, but substituting small things can make a big difference. So if you notice that big difference in someone, tell them!

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