5 Reasons to Major in Business in College

A business degree can open many doors. If you are considering any number of possible career paths for your future, you would be well-served to pursue one of the business majors that are offered at your college or university. The great thing about having this type of degree under your belt is that you will always have it as a support system in any of your chosen endeavors and the skills you learn can be of vital importance across multiple fields and industries. You won’t need to feel tied down to any one in particular. With that being said, here are the five best reasons you should major in business in college.

1. Employers Want a Degree

A majority of the job listings for corporate employment openings ask for qualified applicants to hold a Bachelor’s Degree. Therefore, majoring in business can give you a leg up over the competition while displaying a level of skilled expertise that companies are looking for in their workforce. The number of employment opportunities will increase if you can prove that you have a business degree and that makes finding a job in a tough job market somewhat easier.

2. Applicable Knowledge

The skills and knowledge you gain when you major in business will enable you to pursue a wider variety of job opportunities across numerous industries. When you earn a business degree you’ll be prepared for a position in diverse fields from finance and insurance to manufacturing, public administration to retail, even healthcare or scientific and technical services. You’ll find versatility when you major in business and that will allow for more choices in your job search.

3. Acquired Skills

Majoring in business can give you the skills that any employer will find important in an applicant. Accounting, business development, administration, and sales are just some of the basic skills that you can obtain when you major in college. If you don’t plan on becoming a salesperson, that’s fine but having the ability to influence others in any capacity displays leadership qualities that a business degree can help you possess.

4. Job Growth

Planning on majoring in business at Sarah Lawrence College is just one part of the puzzle. You will need to make some hard and fast decisions on a career goal and we’ve already established that a business degree can go a long way towards helping you do that. But in order to achieve your ultimate plan, you need to gain crucial experience along the way. Employers who see that you have a business degree will be more willing to hire you on in the areas where you want to grow along with your chosen career path.

5. Higher Salaries

According to some recent studies, companies are willing to pay applicants a higher wage when they have earned a business degree. So you’re not only more attractive to a potential employer due to your educational background, it could mean more money in your pocket annually. That might result in a business major becoming more enticing than USC’s online masters in applied psychology.

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